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Videos about flocking


Introducing the MINI Flocker Evo

Our sales manager Michael Raiser introduces our MINI Flocker Evo, the versatile hand-held flocker.

Luke Fellows uses MINI Flocker Evo

Tabletop gaming master Luke Fellows of Geek Gaming Scenics builds wonderful, deceptively real landscapes.
To recreate lifelike grass,
he uses the MINI Flocker Evo from SCHNIER.

Basics of flocking

Flocking expert Leonhard Ott explains the basics of flocking together with Managing Director Olav Schnier.

Quality assurance of flock fibers with the FLOCK-o-Skop

The FLOCK-o-Skop is the modern successor of the Flock in Spect.
In this video, Olav Schnier and Leonhard Ott explain how the FLOCK-o-Skop works and what it is used for.

What is the right high-voltage generator for flocking

The smart-E 209, smart-E 310 and smart-E 510 high-voltage power supplies are specially designed for electrostatic coating. Whether painting, powder coating or flocking, we have the right high-voltage generator.

The singing tesla coil

The melody really comes from the spark of the Tesla coil. The complete music is controlled by a MIDI file. The accompanying music is played by a MIDI sequencer. The melody track controls the Tesla transformer via a modulator with amplifier. The modulator converts the MIDI data into phase, pulse width and firing frequency. The Tesla transformer raises the voltage to several hundred kilovolts and thus generates the sparks that produce the tones. So there are no speakers and no audio/video special effects.