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Flock Academy

New knowledge series: "Basics of electrostatics"

With this series we want to share our know how about electrostatics with you to make electrostatic applications safer.

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The ultimate finishing for 3D printing !!

In this video we show you how 3D printed speakers 🔊 get a gorgeous finish by flocking.

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Flocking A Harley Davidson

In this video we show how a front fairing of a Harley Davidson is professionally flocked. The noble flock from Casati gives the front fairing with its glitter effect a whole new look.

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In this workshop you will learn the basics of electrostatics and flocking.

All steps of the flocking process will be explained in detail in theory and can then be tried out yourself in our modern flocking lab.

The number of participants is limited.

The course language is German.

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How to flock a bottle opener

We show you how easy electrostatic flocking is. In this video we flock a standard bottle opener. The flocked surface is very colorful and feels fantastically velvet like. You only need our MINI Flocker Evo, a suitable adhesive and of course flock fibers. In this video we use black flock fibers made of polyamide of 0.5 mm length and 1.7 dtex.

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AIR Flocker Pro in action

Our customer Kempe-Automotive loves his new AIR Flocker Pro and also flocks your parts. Thanks to electrostatic-pneumatic flocking, even difficult 3D geometries such as hollows and recesses can be professionally flocked without any problems.

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