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EASY Flocker

2.200,00 €plus VAT.
Delivery time: 2-3 workdays
Item No.: 810375
For businesses only

Mobile and flexible

Range of use:

  • Industrial applications
  • flat, but also outward curved parts
  • Automotive
  • Also as high voltage source for plants

Product Description

Hand-held flocking unit for professional, industrial applications.

Due to its compact design and ease of operation, it can be easily transported and used flexibly.
It is suitable in combination with the handle for EASY Flocker (Item No. 810471) both as a stand-alone flocking device or as a high voltage source e.g. at a plant etc..
During development, emphasis was placed on a high degree of safety for the operator and on ease of operation. The voltage and current can be precisely set via the membrane keypad and conveniently read off via the display.

🎬 Video: EASY Flocker in action


  • Compact dimensions
  • portable
  • Modern display with membrane keypad
  • High flexibility
  • proven technology

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 313 x 260 x 122 mm
  • Weight: 6,4 kg
  • Power Supply: 85 - 265 V/AC und 120 - 370 V/DC
  • Output voltage: 10-80 kV negative
  • Output current: Max 300uA
  • High-voltage connection: Anode tube with 4 mm HS connection socket
  • Environmental conditions: +15°C to 40°C max. 70% rel. humidity, non-condensing.