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Flocking Gun AIR Flocker Pro

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Item No.: 810497
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Innovative and ergonomic

Range of use:
For use with the AIR Flocker Pro

Product Description

The Flocking Gun is pure innovation and inventiveness.

It has wonderful ergonomics and size, which makes working much easier.
The high-voltage cable is firmly installed in the handle, the air hose can be screwed on directly with the supplied hose adapter and no longer requires a hose clamp.
The switch has an optimal pressure point and is particularly durable and robust.
Another plus point is the magnetic holder, which allows the user to conveniently attach the flocking gun to the inside of the flocking cabin, for example, and then quickly detach it again.


  • magnetic holder
  • ergonomic
  • integrated hose connection

Package Contains

Flocking Gun AIR Flocker Pro incl. high voltage cable

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