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Modern flocking equipment with tradition

On our pages we present our flocking machines, measuring devices, accessories and spare parts. You get the entire flocking equipment for electrostatic flocking from one source.

Under the heading "Flock Academy" you will find helpful videos, tutorials and downloads about flocking.
Get in touch with us and send your question to 📧 Under "FAQ" all your questions and the corresponding answers will be published to help as many flock interested people as possible.

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Flock School 2023 at SCHNIER!

This year, the Flock Association of Europe held its Flock School at SCHNIER Elektrostatik GmbH.
The date was 28-29.09.2023.

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Gruppenbild aller Teilnehmer der Flock School 2023 bei Schnier

New video series online!

We regularly publish new videos on the topic of ​"electrostatics".

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We are experts in flocking equipment. With us you will find flocking devices flocking machines, accessories and spare parts.

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Auf diesem Bild ist der AIR Flocker Pro, die elektrostatisch-pneumatische Flockmaschine zu sehen.


Here you will find news about SCHNIER Flock, events and everything you need to know about the flock industry.

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We are happy to share our experience with you and your employees. Under the heading "Flock Academy" you will find videos, tutorials and information about flocking.

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On our YouTube channel you will find helpful videos about flocking.

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In this workshop you will learn the basics of electrostatics and flocking.

All steps of the flocking process will be explained in detail in theory and can then be tried out yourself in our modern flocking lab.

The number of participants is limited.

The course language is German.

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Flock Association

We are part of the Flock Association of Europe.

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