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Conversion kit CABIN

1.941,00 €plus VAT.
Delivery time: approx. 4 weeks
Item No.: 810512
For businesses only

Spacious and flexible

Range of use:

  • for extending your Flocking STATION to a Flocking CABIN
  • For flocking 3D parts (glove boxes, etc.)
  • In combination with AIR Flocker Pro and Dustomat 160s

Product Description

In no time at all, you can transform your Flocking STATION into the Flocking CABIN.
This allows you to easily flock larger 3D parts and ensures a clean working environment.
For best results, we recommend the AIR Flocker Pro in combination with the Dustomat 160s.


  • Height-adjustable
  • dismountable

Package Contains

  • Conversion kit CABIN, disassembled
  • Complete mounting material
  • Intake nozzle